ABOUT US: The Elite Engine Systems Story

The players that now are collectively Elite Engine Systems had been successfully modifying Porsche parts for years to maximize their performance in racing applications. In early 2006, Perfect Bore, then a Dover company, decided to divest their air cooled Porsche development program. The current principals of Elite saw this as a unique opportunity, purchased this program from Dover, and Elite Engine Systems was born!

The cornerstone of Elite's systems is our cylinder heads. The purchased Perfect Bore cylinder head casting was created specifically for racing applications from inception for their Extreme Seal screw-in liner project (link to article from 911 & Porsche World from Issue 143, February 2006) for hyper-pressure turbo-charged Porsche racing engines. Elite took this newly acquired technology and developed valve, valve train and port geometries that would maximize the breathing ability of the Porsche racing engines. This further development, when used in conjunction with specifically designed cams, pistons, and induction and exhaust systems, produces superior horsepower and torque curves. These attributes are a competitive advantage and make engines that win races. Elite now sells ready-to-assemble engine systems which incorporate all of these components and produce AWESOME results (the first Dyno sheet shows the results for our 3.4 liter Silver HSR spec. engine with carburetors and a distributor; the second Dyno sheet shows two separate runs of our Historic 3.5 liter Rally engine with 50mm and 48mm carburetor results respectively).