Cylinder heads are the gate keepers for engine breathing ability and are the ultimate power producer of the engine. EESL heads are machined from castings rather than from a solid block of metal. The castings are made with a proprietary aluminum alloy and undergo several heat treatment processes prior to machining, resulting in special high temperature strength properties. These metal preparation steps allow us to manage the grain structure, orientation, and growth of the metal, which is not possible in traditional machining form solid. The casting is also designed with rough surfaces between the fins to improve cooling which further extends the life of the heads, and makes these heads even more durable for higher output engines.

Our heads are available with several different port shapes, from stock shapes to specially developed geometries for specific applications. When using the EESL-specific port shapes, these heads produce higher maximum power and have a much wider range of operating speeds. These specialized ports, when paired with the right, specific cams and suitable induction and exhaust systems, can generate power curves far beyond those possible with any other parts. For more details about this or our complete Engine Systems, the next level in power production, please contact Elite.